Photokit - Smart Sharpening

Smart sharpening is a method of sharpening, which sharpens only the edges in the image. This way the noise in the larger smooth parts doesn't get amplified as it does when using regular unsharp mask.

You can find more details on smart sharpening here at

This script requires GIMP 2.0 (1.3 should work too).


Current version is 1.00



Just copy the script to your GIMP scripts directory. Usually this is ~/.gimp-2.0/scripts, but if you want to use the script system-wide then the directory might be something like /usr/share/gimp/2.0/scripts.


Normal USM
Unsharp mask, radius 2.0, amount 0.5

Smart Sharpening
Smart Sharpening, radius 2.0, amount 0.5

Notice that the amount of sharpness is equal, but there is notably less noise. You can see that especially, when you look the hand of the guitar player.

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Author: Olli Salonen